Manage Marketo with Stack Moxie’s Automated Marketo Implementation Checklist

Manage Marketo with Stack Moxie's Marketo Checklist

Stack Moxie is proud to introduce its newest feature, the Automated Marketo Implementation Checklist. Equip your team with tools to validate that Marketo is functioning as expected with a status dashboard dedicated to monitoring performance and problem instances and instant alerts for issues and outages. 

Stack Moxie is a Marketo Engage launchpoint certified partner on The Adobe Experience Exchange.

Manage Marketo Implementations

Use the Marketo Checklist to identify where your organization is facing challenges with its Marketo implementation and tackle these issues without damaging any other parts of your system. 

New Feature - Marketo Checklist Preview

Five Automated Validation Capabilities for Marketo

  1. Quickly establish a baseline of your implementation
  2. Share logs of errors with your team to resolve issues fast
  3. Pinpoint errors that support is unable to recreate
  4. Determine API usage and related limits
  5. Check SFDC Sync and Lead Mapping

With no connection integration required, simply populate fields with your URL and Marketo subdomains and launch instantly. Avoid unforeseen issues from teams making changes to DNS, SPF, and DKIM settings that can take your pages offline and wreak havoc on your team’s efforts. Stack Moxie’s Marketo Checklist also allows you to connect our tool with your Marketo and Salesforce instances to access additional data points. This will give insight into important aspects of your Marketing and Sales process—how long does your SFDC sync take? Are your fields mapped correctly? Get full visibility to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Marketo offers a list of capabilities for your marketing team. Confirm that everything is working the way you intended and manage your Marketo integration with no hassle. Your future self will thank you.

Try Our Marketo Checklist

Take a look at this new feature in action below and sign up here to create a free Stack Moxie account and get started with the Automated Marketo Implementation Checklist today.