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Drift Integration Overview

Keep your web bot performing, and your team in the loop

Drift gives your website a voice, allowing your team to deliver personalized customer experiences whenever your users need you. When something goes wrong with your Drift bot, be alerted so you can fix the error and get your customers chatting again.

Integrating Salesforce and Drift lets you connect with your prospects in real time and save the information captured so you can get talking sooner. Get an alert if data isn’t saving correctly so you don’t miss out on any potential meetings or deals.

Integrating HubSpot and Drift means you can automatically save any information given to the bot, like names and email addresses, and customize your follow up to match the experience the user has already had on your site. Find out if data isn’t accurately syncing so you don’t miss events and details that will lead to sales.

Integrating Slack and Drift keeps your team in the loop with notifications about user website activity and an overview of how your bot is performing. Ensure that you are up to date so you can make the most of each conversation your chat is capturing.


We’re excited to announce that Starters for this platform are in development.

Have a Starter you’d like to see? We’d love to hear about it. Email [email protected] and tell us what you’d like us to make next.


  • Time to Create / Compute: Essential for calculating your system sync times to determine if process optimizations could occur. From start to finish, determine the benchmarks and average time it takes a process to run.

  • Script/tag validation: is essential to ensure all your attribution and reporting functionality works as anticipated. Overlapping teams without strong tag governance structures can wreck havoc on each others integrated systems by duplicating or disabling critical tags.