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Marketo Measure (Bizible) Integration Overview

Make better marketing decisions by validating your attribution implementation

Adobe Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible) helps you make better marketing decisions by unifying marketing and sales activity with revenue outcomes.

Stack Moxie gives you confidence in your implementation so you can trust your Marketing Attribution. By integrating with the custom Bizible tables in Salesforce, Stack Moxie can test end-to-end flows of attribution, starting with triggering of the Bizible script on your website, and ending with the mapping of attribution touchpoints to opportunities, channels, and campaigns.


Benefits of monitoring Marketo Measure:

  • Unified Cross System Monitoring with one source of truth
  • End-to-end testing capabilities from first touch to Opportunity attribution
  • Understand data flow, velocity & volume trends
  • Identify when changes impact system processes
  • Keep bad data, broken data augmentation and test data out of Salesforce
  • Data standards and changes to data systems notifications
  • Know the uptime of your Marketo Measure Integration
  • Validate your Attribution Model from first touch to opportunity. 
  • Validate Touchpoint mapping against UTM’s.


Stack Moxie can help you monitor:

  1. Salesforce Integration With Marketo Measure
  2. Site Integration between Marketo Measure and Salesforce.
  3. Touchpoint Validation against UTM’s and Marketo Measure. 
  4. Attribution Mapping between Marketo Measure and Salesforce
  5. Attribution Model From First touch to Attribution
  6. 3rd Party Integrations from Marketo Measure to Salesforce
  7. Sales Activity are triggering the correct attribution touchpoints. 
  8. Workflow and Marketo Measure alignment. 
  9. New Asset Creation and Automated QA of Campaigns.