Stack Moxie Integration with Marketo An Adobe Company

Marketo Integration Overview

Monitor contacts and pipeline workflows

Getting your leads from each source into Marketo is hard enough. You should never need to worry about whether your leads are flowing from Marketo to other critical martech stacks. Are your sales reps getting the proper lead in the shortest amount of time? Are SDRs prompted to know when to begin prospecting? Are your webinars and event systems properly updated to reflect new registrations?

Integrating Salesforce and Marketo is more than ensuring that the sync doesn’t go down. You need to quickly understand why leads don’t sync, aren’t routed to the proper rep, or aren’t added to the appropriate campaign for attribution.
Integrating Outreach and Marketo means you can effectively monitor your contact data, gather leads, and manage communications between sales dev and prospects. Stay on top of your sales pipeline and communicate to leads in a meaningful and efficient way.

Integrating ON24 and Marketo makes your Webinars and digital events a simple way to sync registration and attendance information. Ensure that everything is running smoothly so engagement data from ON24 accurately sets campaign triggers, improves lead scoring, and optimizes nurturing programs. When something’s going wrong, identify it quickly so you don’t lose any opportunity an event brings you.


  • Marketo Checklist: provides vital system information for an instance. In a moment, see the DKIM, SPF, CNAME, Field Mapping, and Munchkin ID for any instance.

  • Marketo Form to Lead: tests that leads are getting properly created in your database. Requires a form to submit and validates that the expected values appear in your marketing automation platform.

  • Marketo SPF: validates your sender policy framework to ensure your emails are configured correctly. Without an SPF configured, your emails are more likely to be flagged as spam and blocked from your recipient.

  • Marketo Munchkin: ensures Marketo’s tracking script is firing properly as users visit your pages. Depending on your data privacy compliance, this script should or should not load depending on a user’s permissions.

Marketo Migrations

Step-by-step guides to marketing automation migrations


  • Published Values: Exposes your single source of truth from Salesforce then lets your team test against a predefined set of values. As values change in Salesforce, Stack Moxie will proactively alert you to the updates so nothing has to break. Run tests against Published Values so Monitors never need updating. 

  • Time to Create / Compute: Essential for calculating your system sync times to determine if process optimizations could occur. From start to finish, determine the benchmarks and average time it takes a process to run.

  • Custom QA & Testing Templates: allow you to design custom templates to test your marketing automation platform’s processes, including Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Pardot. Put templates into the hands of field and campaign teams to execute complete and complex testing. Users can run testing without even needing to know how or what to test. Build once and pass it along to let your colleagues manage their testing and catch their own errors.

Marketo Use Cases

Marketo is the center of your marketing operations, and that makes it the center of many of your testing use cases. Here are a few examples: