About Stack Moxie

We are on a mission to provide world-class experiences and to outperform the market by using diverse perspectives to remove blind spots, leading to better data and better execution.

M.H. Lines speaking at HubSpot Inbound 2023 as part of the Startup Pitch Challenge

“I envision a world where everyone has the same opportunity to build a business, because they have seen wildly successful enterprises founded and led by people who look like them.”

M.H. Lines –
Co-founder, Stack Moxie

Our Core Values

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Radical Hospitality

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Low Ego

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Do the Work to Understand

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Diversity is a Differentiator

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Radical Hospitality

Customers, employees and partners should always experience more than expected. It means that we provide everything a Customer or Partner needs to be successful with our product – training, onboarding, customer success.

If SaaS software companies were hotel chains, the experience even the best provide has been a Holiday Inn Express. Our hospitality level is Ritz Carlton. Radical Hospitality means we treat even our free users with that level of support.

Low Ego

It goes without saying that central to Stack Moxie’s culture is hiring the best people who are doing the best work of their life. We hire experts, and listen to them. But they listen to the customer and the results. It isn’t about being right, it is about always learning.

Always seeking out new ways to improve our people, our product and our impact. We view identifying flaws in our processes as opportunities to incrementally get better, and are committed to climbing the mountain together to join the top ranks.

Do the Work to Understand

Most of the time, it is easier to start from scratch. But both at Stack Moxie and with our customers, years of lived experiences have created systems based on that knowledge. Sometimes, when you do the hard work to understand, you find there is a frankenstack of systems that are complicated for reasons that no longer apply.

Sometimes, you can save yourself and others days of work by just asking “what is set up now?” “Why is this system architected this way?” Then you can execute something new or make a recommendation.

Diversity is a Differentiator

While differing perspectives might slow us down sometimes, they allow us to see angles and perspectives we might have otherwise tripped over. What makes us different makes us stronger. We respect and care for our teammates, our customers and our community.


Creating a category and innovating new systems is hard. We are relentless in meeting our goals and learning new things. We are also relentless in prioritizing where we put our limited time and resources.

Stack Moxie Leadership Team

photo of M.H. Lines, Co-Founder and CEO
Photo of Sev Geraskin, Co-Founder and CTO
photo of Steven Dunston, Co-Founder and CRO
Photo of Shea Chanon, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships
photo of Ariel Sasso, head of Customer Success

M.H. Lines

Co-Founder, CEO

Sev Geraskin

Co-Founder, CTO

Steven Dunston

Co-Founder, CRO

Shea Chanon

Co-Founder, Sales

Ariel Sasso

Founding Employee, Customer Success