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The Stack Moxie Office Hours are your chance to see the power of the Stack Moxie Robots with specific QA & monitoring features for your entire revenue tech stack. These are hosted by our experts – the Stack Moxie Customer Success team and allow you to see a live, technical demo of the feature and ask any questions you might have. 

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Office hours are held Monday and Thursday at 12:30 PM ET. Click here to join or add to your calendar below. 


    Meet the Stack Moxie Customer Success Team 

    Ariel Sasso

    Head of Customer Success

    Madison MacDonald

    Customer Success Manager

    On-Demand Office Hours That You Can Watch Right Now

    List Import

    Use the NEW List Import feature to streamline offline lists uploads without sacrificing quality

    Form Regression Testing

    Learn how you can use a Stack Moxie starter for form regression testing your Landing pages to ensure each lead is being stamped and routed correctly.

    Read Documentation 

    Compare Campaign Membership between SFDC and Marketo

    With Stack Moxie’s campaign comparison, you can easily identify when leads fail to sync to a campaign as expected and your numbers no longer match. 

    Pixel Testing to Ensure Tracking Codes are Firing Correctly

    With the Stack Moxie Pixel Tracking starter, you can make sure all your pixels are working properly using just your webpage URL.

    Read Documentation 

    UTM Validation for Paid Ads & Paid Social

    With Stack Moxie, you can make sure your UTM parameters are always set with the appropriate values.  Simply drop in your URL, set the expected values for your UTMs, and our tool will automatically navigate to the web page and check that the UTM parameters are set correctly. 

    Real-Time Monitoring for MQLs

    Use a real-time monitor to ensure the tactical components of your MQL journey are executed properly across your tech stack. 

    Validate Data and Process Flow by Smoke Testing Forms 

    Our smoke test automatically navigates to your page, fills out your form with “dummy data,” and flows through your requirements to validate that the data flows through the systems as expected.  

    Standardize UTMs [Free Tool] 

    A UTM builder for easy and error-proof URLs. Accurate UTMs lead to accurate analytics. Integrate your tech stack, use standard values and avoid the analytics hairball caused by poorly managed UTMs.

    Use the UTM Builder for Free

    Marketo Checklist 

    The Marketo Checklist allows you to track and monitor six business critical functions of your Marketo implementation and monitor for changes on a daily basis..

    Lead Data Mapping between CRM & MAP

    The Lead Data Mapping Starter, you can be sure that Leads are mapped correctly and are synced between systems. Our starter works by creating a Lead object in one system, waiting a given period of time, then checking for an equivalent Lead object in a second system.

    Email Validation Testing

    Ensure every automated email is configured correctly and delivered successfully. Our email confirmation test allows you to prove whether or not a form on a landing page is successfully submitted to your system and that your automatic confirmation email has been fired to the test email address for trial, webinar, or content subscription programs. You can also test the email from label, to and from an email address, subject line, plain text code, and HTML with a custom test or by editing the starter template.

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