How to Navigate Google’s Spam Policies

There are dark clouds ahead for bulk senders.  As of February 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo have implemented dramatic new policies for Bulk Email Senders that will punish an entire Company’s ability to reach Gmail and Yahoo inboxes.

Stack Moxie is here to help you navigate the coming requirements.  And, of course, we’ve built a free spam rate monitor to keep you and every department informed and connected.

You aren't alone in not knowing

Results from the Spam Policy Update Survey show that most bulk senders are ill prepared.

When you monitor your average spam rate in postmaster tools, what is the rate?
How often are you monitoring your spam rate and domain authority score in google postmaster tools?

You can't fix what you don't know

Stack Moxie is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep every sender informed about where your company stands.

Get your status

Stack Moxie’s Postmaster Starter will show you your authority score and spam rates so you know where you stand.

Stack Moxie’s simple-to-understand checklist and detailed logging will help you understand where your company stands. You can share with the click of a button so everyone can work together to fix problems.

Monitor daily

Keep yourself informed so you can catch changes in your reputation and spam rates before they throttle your deliverability.  Stack Moxie will automatically notify you call when your spam rates creep up.

Create notifications so all the senders and executives are notified when something goes wrong.  Now everyone has the same information and can solve faster.

Set alerts

Being caught unaware is a bad look.  Register for a free account now and automatically monitor your two most critical metrics. 

Set alerts for changes to Spam Rate and Domain Reputation.

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