Stack Moxie - New Feature: Marketo Checklist
Have confidence that your leads and data are routing correctly in Marketo. Save time and aggravation.

Marketo Checklist

Stack Moxie monitors integrations, campaigns and configurations …

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…and so much more. The possibilities for monitoring are endless. Monitor Marketo forms and landing pages, lead data, lead activities, and munchkin code. Have confidence that your revenue generating data is working as expected.

Automated and Continuous Validation of Your Marketo Implementation

World-Class Operations

  • Status dashboard of system performance
  • Baseline performance for a new implementation or problem instances
  • Instant notifications of issues and outages

The Checklist ID’s:

  • Marketo Munchkin ID
  • SPF Record
  • DKIM Record
  • Domain Blacklist Status
  • IP Address
  • CNAMEs Landing Pages
  • CNAMEs Email Tracking

Ready for more info? Grab the PDF.

Results in seconds

Once you launch the Marketo Checklist, you’ll start to see results immediately. You don’t need to integrate any connections to get started. You’ll just need the URL for your site and Marketo subdomains. Launch in a snap.

Many problems arise from IT and other teams inadvertently making changes to DNS, SPF or DKIM settings. They don’t mean to take Marketo pages offline, they likely didn’t realize the change would impact your team. The Marketo Checklist helps you identify those challenges immediately.

When you go further to connect Stack Moxie to Marketo and Salesforce you will see additional data points. How long does your SFDC Sync take? Are your fields mapped correctly? How many API calls have I made today or this week? This helps you pinpoint specific challenges with the implementations between Salesforce and Marketo.

For Marketo customers

Free Stack Moxie account for Marketo customers

Get headaches off your plate by preventing fire drills before they happen. Your free Stack Moxie account lets you easily test and monitor your Marketo instance.

Our automated Checklist verifies your setup is correct, even if changes are made later on. You can easily find and log issues or errors to quickly resolve challenges.