How Test-Driven Marketing Transforms Campaign QA

Campaign QA

Let’s talk about Test-Driven Marketing. For as long as campaigns have existed, marketers have relied on manual campaign QA to validate assets, workflows, and tools to make sure that nothing is broken at launch. But there are (at least) two major issues with this approach that are impacting marketing’s success and making marketers’ lives harder.

For one, manual testing is bound by the number of hours in the day and the number of people you have who can spend all of their time validating every. Single. Asset. Every single workflow. Every single integration. If you’re launching even just a few campaigns each month, things are going to get out of control quickly. Testing everything manually isn’t scalable, and that means that if you belong to an organization that relies on manual testing, full campaign QA isn’t happening. There are blindspots in each campaign that are having an unknown impact on the quality of your launch and the experience you give to users, which means you’re probably missing out on pipeline.

The second issue with a manual approach is that the focus is always on whichever campaign you’re launching next. And once that one is out the door, it’s on to the next. But what you’re doing today can impact campaigns you launched yesterday, one week ago, or three years ago. And while you might have forgotten about that old campaign, visitors are still finding it on Google or navigating to it on your site, and they’re seeing the broken pages, 404s, and form fills that never get followed up on.

 Why Test-Driven Marketing Is the Way Forward

Test-Driven Marketing (TDM) totally recenters this approach, validating that everything works through each phase of a campaign. As a result, campaign QA becomes a core principle for building, launching, and maintaining your assets. It’s a strategy that software engineers have used forever, known as Test-Driven Development, and it’s a way for you to adopt Agile principles that center around operational excellence and high-quality campaigns. 

Because if you’re spending hours building these critical assets, you deserve to know that they’re working at any given moment.

But if you’re currently only testing things as-needed or validating just a sampling of your campaigns and related assets, moving to TDM can be a big jump. Where are you going to find the time to regularly validate every asset from every campaign you’ve ever launched?

Here’s a hint: If developers rely on dedicated tools to allow them to practice Test-Driven Development, marketers need a dedicated tool that enables them to practice Test-Driven Marketing.

Your Key to Easy, Repeatable Testing for Campaign QA

If you’re feeling like you want to implement TDM but don’t have a tool in your arsenal that allows you to do so, I have good news: you’re on the right website. Stack Moxie is the only product that provides full capabilities for any marketing or marketing operations team that wants to get started with Test-Driven Marketing. 

And here’s what makes it extra great. In the old way of validating things, each test was its own standalone scenario; if you wanted to check 10 things, you had to build 10 tests. Stack Moxie simplifies the process. When you create your free account, you’ll start by building some fundamental tests that will help you cover a wide range of use cases. Then, as you get your instance set up, you’ll find that the tests you invested some time building when you created your account can just be repeated for different use cases, making the setup process in as little as a few seconds.

That’s a huge time savings! And on top of that, as you set tests up and run them, you can set them to repeat on a schedule of anywhere from every 5 minutes to once a month, or however often you want them to run. By the time you’ve started using Stack Moxie, you’ll be testing more than ever in even less time than it took you to manually test just a fraction of your campaigns and assets. And if something goes wrong, the platform will tell you instead of you needing to dig in to find out if there’s an error.

Better Campaigns Are Just a Click Away

By embracing TDM principles through Stack Moxie, you’re not just ensuring the success of your current campaigns – you’re future-proofing your marketing endeavors. With automated testing and repeatable processes, you’ll have the peace of mind that every asset is performing optimally, driving results and enhancing user experiences.

Ready to revolutionize your marketing approach? Sign up for Stack Moxie now and take the first step towards better, more efficient campaigns.