Test and Monitor Any Object in Salesforce with Salesforce Real-Time Monitoring

 Stack Moxie just launched its newest feature

We are proud to officially introduce Salesforce Real-Time Monitoring to help you test and monitor any object in Salesforce and ensure every trigger is working as expected. Designed to support your team and keep your Revenue Operations on track, RTM helps avoid broken Salesforce workflows and uncover sneaky problems in seconds that would take days to find on your own.

Gone are the days spent performing Salesforce QA manually and still having fractured visibility into your Salesforce instances. Now, you can prevent embarrassing tech fails and keep your tech stack trustworthy by monitoring in real-time. Breaks in your automations are expensive—don’t leave your workflows to chance.

Trusting your tech stack is a catch-22

It’s critical that you’re able to trust that the workflows and triggers you’ve built work properly. But for many teams, edgecases and unique needs mean that even standard processes can quickly become complex. With so many places to look and so many things that can go wrong, it’s impossible to be able to look everywhere and know for sure that everything is behaving as expected. And when something inevitably breaks, it’s difficult to figure out exactly when or why it’s not working.

For even the most thorough of teams, it’s difficult to validate that your workflows and processes are functioning. And while failures are a normal part of any Revenue operations team, no one wants to deal with the trickle-down effect they have on the business if it’s avoidable. After all, repeated breakages and improper remediation is a sure way to bruise a team’s trust and wreak havoc on the data that is supposed to help your organization succeed.

A new level of managing your Salesforce integration

Stack Moxie was created to boost your confidence in the things you build and put our army of robots on your side to monitor your tech stack constantly. With Salesforce Real-Time Monitoring, you can rest assured that you’ll be the first to know when and how something has broken—because what’s worse than finding out from your customers?

Salesforce testing and monitoring in real-time gives you a line of sight into even the most complex systems without any heavy lifting. From lead routing, to field population to managing SLAs, it just got easier to keep your team operating as a center of excellence. Plus, you can ensure the data and context you need to make critical business decisions is readily available and avoid broken automations wasting time and money.

Three use cases for Salesforce Real-Time Monitoring

  1. When an opportunity is closed won, you expect your customer success to get three cases created for them to manage the onboarding process. Do you know whether they are getting properly assigned?
  2. When a Sales Development Representative creates a new meeting for the Account Executive, you auto-generate opportunities that assign the source of the deal, but everyone complains that they are wrong. 
  3. When an Account Executive progresses a deal to the middle of the funnel you expect that a certain number of data points on the opportunity should be filled in, but time after time you’re missing the data.

Start monitoring in real-time

Don’t let broken automations or incorrect triggers hurt your organization’s revenue. Get started today with a free Stack Moxie account or request a demo to maximize your contribution to the business.

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