Celebrating Our Win at the 2024 Stackie Awards!

stackie awards

We are thrilled to announce that Stack Moxie has been named one of the winners at the 2024 Stackie Awards! Each year, the Stackies invite companies to share a visual representation of their marketing technology stacks. This year, among 26 compelling entries, our visualization earned us a spot in the winners’ circle on #MartechDay.

At Stack Moxie, we champion the essential yet often overlooked practice of rigorously testing and monitoring revenue technology stacks. Our entry doesn’t just share a diagram of the tools we use; it illustrates the journey of a synthetic lead through our entire revenue cycle — from initial website visit to a confirmed customer meeting, and into excellent onboarding.

Why This Matters

For a growing company like ours, maintaining a streamlined, effective tech stack is crucial. But it’s not just about having the tools; it’s about ensuring they work seamlessly together to deliver uninterrupted customer journeys. Our tech stack visualization highlights our use of automated monitoring and scheduled testing. This ensures that every part of our stack performs as expected, which is critical not only for us but for any company, regardless of size.

You may notice that we use a combination of mature, category-defining tools, like Marketo and Salesforce, as well as rapidly-developing products from early startups like Koala and Inflection (and of course, Stack Moxie). This mix of dependability and innovation gives us a revenue stack we can be proud of.

A Light Stack, But a Mighty Responsibility

Our stack might be lighter compared to some, but the complexity of managing it is substantial. Regular testing and monitoring across all these tools — from WordPress to Salesforce and beyond — allow us to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. We believe that every company should have the capability to test their stack as rigorously as a DevOps team would test their software, which is why we’re dedicated to providing solutions that enable this.

More Than Just a Stackies Win

We love celebrating stacks, and the Stackies are a fun way to showcase martech prowess. But they also serve as an invaluable learning and sharing opportunity for the martech community. By participating, we contribute to a growing body of knowledge that helps all of us understand better and leverage our technology stacks more effectively.

We extend our congratulations to all participants and winners. Each entry was a learning opportunity and a chance to appreciate the innovative ways companies are optimizing their tech stacks.

And as we celebrate, we also reaffirm our commitment to empowering teams to ensure their marketing technology stacks are as robust and reliable as possible. To all the revenue operations teams out there, remember: knowing your stack and continuously testing every part of it is a necessity, not just a best practice; it’s a necessity.

We’re here to continue to help you ensure that your stack never skips a beat!