Tame Your UTM Builder Spreadsheet with Stack Moxie

One way for marketers to prove a return on investment (ROI) is to use Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes on campaign links. These are simple to create with a UTM builder, and enhance the richness of your data by providing specific insights into how your audience is finding and engaging with your content. But if your UTM tracking codes are broken, this value goes out the window.

With so much at stake, marketing and sales teams need a quick way to test their UTM tracking URLs to ensure their campaigns are being delivered as expected.

Using UTM Codes to Prove ROI

You are not alone if you are feeling the pressure to show ROI. 

According to a survey released by Allocadia, “most marketing professionals (84%) are under pressure to prove ROI in order to justify their marketing spend or budget increases for campaigns and initiatives.”

The survey also found that “61% of marketing leaders do not use ROI when making strategy decisions because they aren’t confident in their own data.”

Using UTM tracking URLs can be a big difference-maker in influencing strategy and spending decisions. Stack Moxie even created a free UTM builder to make creating these links easier.  

Why UTM Testing Leads to Better Data

Out of the following two scenarios, which one do you want to explain during a meeting?

Scenario A: You can tell your website received 5,000 visitors last month and that you spent $2,500 on ad campaigns. However, you can’t identify if the campaign resulted in any web traffic or conversions.

Scenario B: You can tell your website received 5,000 visitors last month. When reviewing Google Analytics (or another analytics service), you can quickly identify which visitors came to the site because of your campaign and whether or not they converted. 

This is why UTM codes are essential to have and important to test. Without them, you are left with very little data to determine if your campaign was successful. 

Test UTM Links With One Click

Stack Moxie released a quick UTM code testing feature that teams can use directly from their own Google Sheet. 

This integrated spreadsheet testing component allows for a “one-click” test to scan all relevant campaign links using UTM parameters. The results of the test are then delivered to the same spreadsheet. This means faster tests and fewer spreadsheets to manage. 

One of the perks of this testing feature is that it opens up testing to even the most junior team members. 

Perhaps you had a team start last month, and they don’t need to have their Stack Moxie login yet. They may still be learning the system. But they can click a box in your team spreadsheet to run a test. Opening up testing capabilities this way allows for faster and easier tests.

A free UTM builder to make tracking links simple

Ready to see the new UTM code test in action? Reach out today to schedule a demo and learn more.