Trigger Automated QA

Right From a Spreadsheet

The Power of Stack Moxie Observability From a Google Spreadsheet*

*available on medium & large plans

Want to see it in action?

Stack Moxie’s testing capabilities are extended to your spreadsheet so you can work in the environments you and your team are familiar with.

Spreadsheet Trigger Features
For Marketing QA

Testing and Observability Across Your Tech Stack

Test across your entire tech stack to validate everything from your Website pages to your CRM is performing as expected.

Results Appear Back In Your Spreadsheet

Pass or Fail results are sent directly back to your spreadsheet when using the “checkOutcome” toggle.

Integrate & Test Your Stack

Seriously cool reviews of Stack Moxie

Save 20-30 hours with one test!

Justin’s robots tested 53 steps from
“Known” to “Closed Won”

Scale your QA process and bring Stack Moxie
testing to the spreadsheets you already use