Easy Way to Test GDPR Compliance

An easy way to test GDPR compliance would be ticking a box in a spreadsheet you already use, right? That is what Stack Moxie thought, too. 

The new Stack Moxie Marketing QA Spreadsheet Testing Integration features a one-click test that confirms everything is as it should be regarding your website’s GDPR compliance center.

Facts About GDPR Compliance Testing

Here are a few facts to remember when it comes to GDPR Compliance:

  • GDPR compliance is changing the way websites track information.
  • “GDPR is a general data privacy regulation that applies to all organizations, public and private, that store or process the personal data of EU residents. That means many US companies are subject to the regulation.” – Netwix
  • Failure to comply with GDPR standards can lead to massive fines and loss of reputation.
  • “The stakes for not complying are high. Regulators in any of the 27 EU countries can investigate complaints, and they’re empowered to hand out huge fines (a maximum of 20 million euros or 4% of a company’s global revenue, whichever is higher) for violators… And it’s not just Big Tech companies that are subject to GDPR – it applies to all companies that conduct business online in Europe, from retailers to airlines.” – CNET
  • “As reported by the US International Trade Commission, since May 2018, data protection authorities in EU member states have collectively penalized US companies for more than $417 million under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).” – Metaverselaw
  • Routine testing is required to ensure a GDPR compliance center is fully functional. 
    • “In other words, data protection is something you now have to consider whenever you do anything with other people’s personal data.” – GDPR.eu

Stack Moxie GDPR Compliance Center Testing

Every team uses a spreadsheet to track their marketing quality assurance tests, including those for GDPR compliance. The difference here is that the Stack Moxie team allows you to integrate this testing capability into a Google Sheet that you are already using. 

The results of the test are delivered to the same spreadsheet. Meaning there are no different spreadsheets for your team to track and manage. Everything is in one place and only needs one click.

Here’s how the Stack Moxie spreadsheet GDPR compliance test works:

  • Using a Stack Moxie template, your team’s Super Admin can set up testing capabilities from your Google Sheet.
  • Anyone from your team with access to the Google Sheet can authorize testing by ticking a checkbox to initiate the run. This allows even junior team members to conduct testing without having their own unique Stack Moxie login.
  • The information from the GDPR test is then deposited into the same spreadsheet. Keeping all the data secure and in one place..
  • Spreadsheet users can generate a schedule for their testing to run hourly/daily/weekly or whatever works best for their needs.

Ready to see the Stack moxie GDPR compliance testing feature in action? Schedule a demo or reach out to your personal client representative today!

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