Your Guide to Marketo Icons (Updated 2022)

With Marketo’s guide to its new interface icons, Stack Moxie is helping you define what each symbol means as you learn to make the most out of your Marketo account.



What it Means

Account Smart List

A dynamic list that can narrow down accounts based on certain filters, like industry, to help you identify your high-value accounts.

Batch Campaign – Active

An actively-running campaign that launches at a specific time to a specific set of people, targeting qualified members using filters or list membership. Can run recurrently or only once.

Batch Campaign – Inactive

An inactive campaign that can launch at a specific time to a specific set of people, targeting qualified members using filters or list membership. Can run recurrently or only once.

Default Program

A generic Marketo program type that can be used when other types, like an email or even program, are not relevant.


A Marketo asset type used to communicate with users. Emails can be HTML, which include graphics and custom fonts and can record “opens”, or Text Only, with only plain text and no special formatting.

Email Program

A Marketo program type used for one-off email deployments. Email programs allow you to track email results and A/B test.

Email Template

A defined email layout that you can reuse for simpler email creation.

Engagement Program

A Marketo program type used to market to new people and deliver content systematically.

Event Program

A Marketo program type used to automate online and offline events, like webinars and tradeshows.

Executable Campaign

Executable campaigns link your smart campaigns together, assigning them smart list, flow, and schedule functionality. They are called by another campaign via the flow step, and run in conjunction with the parent campaign.

Field Organizer

The field organizer allows you to group fields together for reporting, so you can group certain categories together to create customized reports. It can also assist in giving you visibility into how your fields are mapped.


A Marketo tool used in smart lists to narrow down your audience by certain characteristics, like location or role.

Filter – Active

A filter that is actively being used to refine your list.


Organizes your assets and campaigns in a hierarchal fashion.

Folder – Archived

Folders holding assets or campaigns that are no longer used can be archived to keep your programs organized.

Folder – Locked

Folders shared from other workspaces are locked, meaning you cannot directly edit the assets held within them. Instead, you must clone them to make changes.


Forms can be created through Marketo and embedded on landing pages or website pages.

Images (and Files)

An asset type you can save to include in emails and other programs.

In-App Messages

An add-on application that allows you to engage with customers while they use your app, showing things like promotional offers and reminders.

Landing Page

A page hosted on Marketo that lets you display content to users and track their activity. Free-form landing pages let you design the layout yourself, while guided landing pages utilize a more rigid template.

Landing Page Template

Templates you can either import or create to format your landing pages, making it easier to plug and play.


Let visitors vote on a topic and share it on your landing pages, website, and social media.

Push Notification

Send notifications to your users by creating, configuring, and sending push notifications like you would emails.

Referral Offer

Offer users incentives for referring their friends.


Used to gather stats related to campaigns, program performance, and other important data that help you understand your Marketo analytics.


Filters elements on the tree structure to display matching results, including local assets, smart campaigns, and lists held within the menu.


Categories within a segmentation, which group together people in your database based on smart list parameters you select.

Smart List

A dynamic list of people that changes based on filters you define, like those related to location or role.

Smart List – Cached

If a smart list takes too much time to execute, Marketo automatically caches it. Refreshing will stop the cache and revert it to normal behavior.

SMS Message

SMS messages can be used to send texts to a list of people and allow them to opt in to or out of subscription SMS messages.


A pre-created block of content that can be inserted into landing pages or emails for future use.

Social Button

A social button can be added to landing pages to encourage users to share them with their networks.

Static List

A list of people that does not change unless you manually delete or add someone.


An asset that allows you to offer users the chance to win a prize in exchange for referring you to their friends.

Test Group

Used for A/B testing, test groups let you segment landing pages to compare how they perform.

Trigger – Active

An activity or event that is set to activate the flow steps of a trigger campaign when a designated event occurs.

Trigger – Inactive

An activity or event that is not currently running to activate the flow steps of a trigger campaign.


An area in Marketo that holds assets, allowing you to separate them by use (e.g. a “North America” workspace to hold assets used only for marketing to North America).

YouTube Video

An embeddable content type that lets you include YouTube videos in your assets.

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