Upgrade Your Landing Page QA: Ensure Your Landing Page Leads Are Syncing to Your MAP or CRM

Landing pages are a critical tool in a marketer’s toolbox, but what if only some of its value was actually having an impact on revenue goals?

It’s happened to all of us—a landing page is performing well according to Marketing’s analytics, but when it’s time for Sales to reap the rewards of all the leads it’s generated, they’re coming up short. That’s when your Revenue team realizes that half of your landing pages’ leads have been getting lost before they reach your CRM. 

Landing page platforms, including Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapages, among others, bring much needed high-velocity testing to increase conversion rates without corrupting brand standards. But where there’s reward there’s also risk, which means that the same platforms that are helping your efforts can also become a potential point of failure in your lead lifecycle.

Let the robots help your landing page QA

Stack Moxie is here to help you simplify and improve your landing page QA. Verify that your leads are syncing as expected and, even more importantly, alert you as soon as something fails. With real pipeline at risk, you need a way to confidently know that leads aren’t slipping away. 

With Stack Moxie monitoring, you can set up tests that tell the robots to navigate to a landing page and submit a form, tracking the lead until it successfully reaches your MAP or CRM. If it doesn’t make it, you’ll be notified that something is wrong so you can fix it before you lose an opportunity or fail to follow up with someone raising their hand.

Gone are the days of manually QAing landing pages and possibly missing edge cases. You can implement monitors that shed light on the entire funnel, saving you time and helping you get more done.

Are you missing leads?

Don’t let months go by before finding out something is wrong. From landing page QA to form testing, a free-for-life Stack Moxie account lets you make sure every lead that your hard work generates is accounted for by Sales.

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