Test Tracking Pixels Easily with Stack Moxie’s Pixel Pill and Pixel Discovery Starter

Tracking pixels are critical for marketers, giving important insights into how customers are behaving across a brand’s site and socials. They also provide the data you need to make decisions about future campaigns and budgeting for advertising and other initiatives.

So when you find out months later that your Google Analytics tag was firing in both your header and your Google Tag Manager and double counting user activity (or worse, wasn’t firing at all), it’s a major setback.

That’s why Stack Moxie has made it even easier to monitor pixels and know as soon as something is broken.

We’re excited to launch our Pixel Pill upgrade and Pixel Discovery Starter. Easily test tracking pixels and find out which ones are working properly and which ones aren’t so you can fix them and get back to collecting clean, trustworthy data.

A Pixel Pill to make tracking pixels easy

The Check for a Pixel pill allows you to easily verify that the proper scripts are firing on your website. It gives you the nitty gritty details about individual pixels so you can make sure they are working as you expect them to, and your website tracking is staying accurate. 

Before, each pixel had a separate pill, which works well when you’re only testing for a handful of pixels. But as requests for support of more pills came in, we had to make adjustments to prevent the process from becoming too complex.  So, instead of having a pixel for Facebook, another for LinkedIn, and another for Google, you drop one pill, the Check a Pixel Pill, into your scenario and then choose which pixels you want from the list. You can even add multiple pixels to the same scenario.

As we get requests for more pixels, we will continue to add available scripts to the dropdown. The pixels we currently have available are: Bizible, Drift, Eloqua, Facebook, Google Ads, GA4, UA, Google Floodlight, Google Remarketing, Heap, Hotjar, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Marketo, Mouseflow, Pardot, Quora, Salesloft and Twitter. 

A new Pixel Discovery Starter

For those that need a wider overview, we have you covered as well. The Pixel Discovery Starter finds every pixel on your website, and then determines with each monitoring run whether or not their status has changed. 

So when the WebDev team changes the code and kicks your pixels offline, you’ll know about it before they do. Or when someone accidentally puts the Google Analytics tag in two places, you’ll be aware before the team thinks you’re having a record breaking year.  Using a Stack Moxie Monitor you will get alerts as soon as something goes wrong.

Whether it’s preventing wasted ad budget from faulty conversion monitors or inaccurate results from duplicated reporting, Stack Moxie can help with the Check a Pixel Pill and Pixel Discovery Starter.

Keep your tracking pixels firing with Stack Moxie

Stack Moxie helps you and your teams test and monitor your tech stack automatically, saving you time and energy. From testing tracking pixels to making sure your every page on your website is up and running, Stack Moxie provides end-to-end observability into your marketing technologies. Get started with our Pixel Package and learn what else you can do with a free-for-life Stack Moxie account, or request a demo to talk to our team about ways your workflows and campaigns could benefit from our robots.

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