The Catharsis of the Green Checkmark

Lead Synced

Devs and marketers have more in common than you might think. For example: we both move fast. We have to. Agility is a competitive advantage, whether it’s reacting quickly to a shifting market or tightening iteration cycles on user feedback.

Where we differ is in how we achieve that agility. Devs have a deep, mature toolset that let’s them not only move quickly, but with confidence. At the core of that toolset is something called QA automation or test automation.

My First Automated Test

I remember the first time I wrote an automated test: after wrapping up code for a feature I was working on, I spent some extra time writing tests–a little bit more code that, when run, would prove my feature actually worked.

When I ran my tests, the feeling I got was one of visceral catharsis: staring back at me was a glowing, green checkmark that I could make appear anytime I wanted to objectively prove that my feature worked.  ✅ What’s more: regardless of who touched the code, I had the confidence that my feature would still work, without having to constantly worry about it.

The only feeling more cathartic than that first green check mark was when, months later, it turned into a red x for the first time: when a seemingly unrelated change in the codebase inadvertently broke my old feature.  ❌ But because of my automated test, we caught the regression and fixed it before real users saw anything.

And yes, the person who made the breaking change was me. ????

There’s Nothing Cathartic about Testing Marketing Programs

While there’s plenty in marketing that’s subjective (like a brand refresh, or tighter positioning), these days there’s a lot that can be evaluated objectively: campaign membership, program statuses, conversion pixel fires, activity records…

Tools like Email on Acid or Litmus help marketers automate QA on a narrow slice of capabilities, but there’s really no way a marketer can effectively QA the myriad ways they engage prospects, and the valuable data used to measure and improve their programs.

Only the most disciplined marketers go through the trouble to manually create and trace lead and campaign data through their system or check workflow steps and follow-up communications before a launch.  And at the end of it, there’s no glowing, green checkmark to say definitively, “it works.” Just enough of a hazy assurance to move on to the next thing.

That’s Why We’re Building Stack Moxie

In the face of lead targets growing faster than their budgets, marketers can’t afford to bet the house on a vague feeling that things are working.  For every launch or update you make in your automation platform, your tag manager, your website, or your CRM… You should be able to know instantly:

 ✅  Are leads still syncing and getting assigned?

 ✅  Are attribution touchpoints still being captured?

 ✅  Are confirmation emails still being delivered?

 ✅  Are conversion pixels still firing?

We’re building Stack Moxie to give marketers the catharsis of the green checkmark: a way to objectively prove their program works at the push of a button, and the opportunity to discover when those programs become unintended collateral damage from seemingly unrelated changes in the fast march forward.  No code needed.

Marketers eager to go green can sign up for a free trial now.

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