What’s Your Plan to Test Campaign Launches?

What does your marketing or sales team do to test campaign launches? 

If you don’t have a plan, you should. It is crucial to have a quality assurance plan for each campaign. Without a plan, errors may go unnoticed, taking what should have been a successful campaign and turning it into a disappointment. 

Stack Moxie suggests integrating automated QA testing into a Google Sheet your team already uses. This way, testing campaign launches can happen quickly with just one click by anyone on the team. Freeing up precious resources and time.

Houston, We Don’t Want To Have A Problem

Adding testing to the campaign schedule doesn’t make marketers pessimists, just realists.  When dealing with so many moving pieces, some things can and will go wrong. The goal is to be able to stay on top of what is happening and to be able to quickly identify when something does go wrong.

Even after the campaign launches, you will want to run continuously monitor the campaign since integrations get updated, and many people could be making changes in your systems that break something unknowingly.

Stack Moxie helps make those tests not weigh down your team’s time or resources spot-checking campaigns or reactively tracking down where an issue is.

Marketing QA Testing All In One Spreadsheet

By integrating testing capabilities into your team’s spreadsheet, everyone can quickly conduct a test and review the results. All they need is access to the spreadsheet. 

Housing the testing in a spreadsheet opens up the job to more team members, not just those with Stack Moxie Admin privileges. This is a great way to involve more of your team and give responsibility to junior members.

A quick look at how Stack Moxie testing works:

  • Using a Stack Moxie template, your team’s Super Admin can set up testing capabilities from your Google Sheet. This can be a Google Sheet your team already uses.
  • Anyone from your team with access to the Google Sheet can authorize testing. This allows all team members to conduct testing without having their own unique Stack Moxie login.
  • The information from the page test is then deposited into the same spreadsheet. Keeping all the data secure and in one place.
  • Spreadsheet users can generate a schedule for their testing to run hourly/daily/weekly or whatever works best for their needs.

Schedule a demo today and see how easy testing campaign launches can be with an integrated Google Sheet. Contact a member of the Stack Moxie team today!