Stack Moxie’s Marketing Scrum Transformation: Week Two

Stack Moxie - Scrum Transformation - Week 2

Stack Moxie has just finished its first week officially operating as a Scrum team, going through a full cycle of sprint planning, tasking, execution, and demoing. As the group gets comfortable working both as a team and individually in this framework, we’re continuing to document our journey to a full-fledged Scrum team. This week, we asked each team member the question:

How was your first week? Did you feel like you went slower or faster?

Shea (Scrum Master)

“It is blowing my mind how quickly the team has embraced the transition from agile to scrum.  It is so much fun to watch them come together….and it’s becoming very apparent how important team chemistry is to making the scrum process a success.

As scrum master, I realize that it is going to take weeks (and likely months) for me to make sure that I am providing all of the tools for the team to be as efficient as possible.  In the meantime, I am going to continue to ask my mentor tons of questions, read way too many articles and be thankful for my extremely patient colleagues who are walking with me through this transformation.”

Bria (Marketing Manager)

“My first week on a Scrum sprint felt very foreign but went surprisingly smooth. Though I had my hesitations about our transformation, I felt our team communication had improved, and we were all on the same page about priorities. It was a good feeling that we accomplished everything we set out to do for the week (though we probably didn’t take on as much as we could have out of hesitation for the unknown). In addition, the actual visualization of tasks being divided up and worked on together has allowed me to plan out, delegate, and execute my week in an efficient manner.” 

Mike (Demand Generation)

“My first week on scrum felt like I was moving at around the same speed, but the alignment on what needed to get done was much better. 

It felt like collaboration between team members has increased and I think that’s largely due to alignment across “sizing” for each of the sprint items and then “tasking” for assigning out the breakdown of how that item will be delivered/completed.”

Veronica (Content Marketing)

“Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my first week operating as a Scrum Team with everyone. I felt like communication about projects got an instant boost, and I’ve already had the chance to work with team members I normally don’t have a ton of shared tasks with, which has been really cool. It was so satisfying to see tasks, and then entire projects, get checked off as the week progressed, and I loved going into our Sprint Demo for the rest of the company feeling like our team had really delivered.”