Stack Moxie’s Marketing Scrum Transformation: Week Three

Stack Moxie - Scrum Transformation - Week 3

As Stack Moxie’s marketing team continues its transformation into a scrum team, each member has been thinking about ways to improve the current process and optimize it to be as effective as possible. This week, we asked everyone to respond to this prompt:

Find two scrum articles….discuss why you like them. What could we change/improve with our current process?

Shea (Scrum Master)

This week, fairly early in the Sprint, it became apparent that there were a number of blockers that would likely prevent us from meeting our goal.  Initially, I started to research the scrum process on a broader level.  This article provided a great screenshot of what a scrum master is responsible for. Since we are so new to this process, there are going to be many improvements that I can make, probably for months to come.”

Bria (Marketing Manager)

The highlight from this article for me is that scrum shouldn’t be a process determined by tons of rules. It should be adjusted to fit each team’s dynamic and allow marketing departments to self-organize. As noted previously, I have struggled the most with how to time out each sprint. This article explains that scrum marketers should reframe their minds to think and plan in product increments.”

Mike (Demand Generation)

I believe our team can improve on prioritizing tasks based on the value of that activity to the business KPIs and goals. As we’re getting further into SCRUM and Agile management of our backlog, I believe we’ll need to further identify the “Why” behind the prioritization of tasks we’re working on. I believe when the “why” is widely understood by the team, we’ll be excited to work on a new task and see how it impacts our goals/metrics etc..”

Veronica (Content Marketing)

“Since we began our transition to a scrum team, I’ve been looking for ways to help “marketize” our process as much as possible. Since this is my first time operating in this mode outside of an engineering department, I was searching for clarity on how this being a marketing scrum team changes the dynamics (if at all). I like this article because it covers a lot of ground, and I take from it that a marketing scrum team can, for the most part, be as similar or as different from an engineering team as you want it to be.”

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