Stack Moxie’s Marketing Scrum Transformation: Week One

Stack Moxie - Scrum Transformation - Week 1

Last week, Stack Moxie’s marketing team began its transition from Agile to Scrum team. The change will be most of the group’s first experience with scrum, and the journey is being documented as the team learns how to work in a scrum environment and what it looks like to succeed in that area. This week, we asked each team member the question:

How do you feel about moving into scrum? What do you hope will be an outcome? What do you fear could be a negative outcome?

Shea (Scrum Master)

We recently did some transitioning and, since one of the roles I have been filling is proWe recently did some transitioning and, since one of the roles I have been filling is project manager, I was asked to step in as the Scrum Master. Of course, I said I would love to. I love project management⁠—how different could this actually be? Five minutes into my research, I knew that I had taken on something that was completely different. Bring it on.”

Bria (Marketing Manager) 

“I have personally never worked in an environment that labeled marketing as “agile” or focused on “scrum” tactics, so this is a new concept to work through. I’ve always considered these buzzwords to align more with software development teams and goals. This transformation has forced me to see marketing in a new way and helps me understand how important my work is to our marketing efforts and the overall company’s success.”

Mike (Demand Generation)

“So when our leadership team said, “We are going to become a SCRUM team and operate more like the developers,” I was naturally… skeptical. 

I haven’t had great experiences with “agile” project management. 

In my agency experience with Agile, we were resource-constrained (as many are), and the battle for the priority of our team members’ often seemed like it all boiled down to either a) who’s tasks were easier to complete, or b) who’s relationships were stronger.”

Veronica (Content Marketing) 

“Even just during this first week, I already feel like I have a clearer idea of what our master plan is and how each of us fits into that vision. I believe there’s a lot of potential in us all putting our energy into the big stuff, but have also appreciated the chance to continue my individual work and understand how it’s connected to everyone else.”

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