Stack Moxie is a solution provider that makes sure your integrations and configurations are working as expected every day and alerts you when something breaks or goes wrong. 

A feature that is unique to Stack Moxie is the ability to do real-time monitoring on live leads as they enter and move through your systems. This includes verifying critical data such as validation fields, attribution points, and SLA management between Marketo and Salesforce. 

With real-time monitoring, we can verify that your most important leads are syncing to the right sales queue with the correct data points. We can then ensure follow-up happens on the lead within the correct time frame from a sales rep. 

Why Real-Time Monitoring is Important

Your MQL or Sales Ready leads are the important prospects for your revenue generation, and making sure they get to a sales rep is critical to closing sales. Stack Moxie allows you to be proactive in system hiccups and decrease impact on closing real opportunities.

Real-Time Monitoring Use Case

For example, we like to monitor our Contact Us forms. All I have to do is fill out the form and press enter; then, I can go back into Stack Moxie and watch the lead as it processes between both Marketo and Salesforce. We expect the lead to have a score greater than 49 because 50 is the threshold for an MQL. We then expect the lead to go to open within the first 5 minutes of lead generation. We then expect a sync to Salesforce within the first 15 minutes, and finally that the lead is moved to working within 45 minutes of lead creation. This type of monitoring allows you to know your most valuable leads are not being lost or misrouted and ensures follow-up occurs in a timely manner. If something does fail, you will receive an email alert or a slack message letting you know a lead failed to process correctly, allowing you to remediate immediately. 

Start Monitoring in Real-Time With Our App

With RTM, we can ensure your hand-raisers and high-value leads are routing and syncing as expected in real-time. We can set the expectations for how a lead should be processed between systems on multiple variables and give you insight into your processes not previously possible.

To learn more about how Real-Time Monitoring can help you, schedule a demo today!