Ops Stars 2022: Speakers, Events, and Resources for the Dawn of the Revenue Generation

The annual OpsStars conference is back and in person, and with just two weeks to go until the festivities kick off, we’ve pulled together the must-see speakers and events to check out while you’re there.

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Must-see speakers and events

OpsStars will feature two packed days of over 50 sessions and workshops held by revenue, marketing, and sales operations professionals leading the Revenue Generation. The full agenda can be found here, but these are just a few of the most exciting sessions you won’t want to miss.

The Strategic Quality Model: Building Trust and Transparency Among Teams for Greater Success | Sept. 21, 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM PDT

As an Ops professional, your role has many functions that contribute to the greater success of the organization. But without an effective way to measure those contributions, it’s difficult to understand the full impact your work has on the business.

M.H. Lines, CEO of Stack Moxie, will break down the value OKRs can bring to tracking the impact Ops has on your organization, from deriving the OKRs that matter to leveraging them to help advance your Ops career. In this working session, you will be introduced to the Strategic Quality Model, a framework for measuring (and improving) your organization’s foundation for trust and transparency among its teams.

Panel: Single Source of Customer Truth (a Unified View) | Sept. 21, 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM PDT

Imagine this: You can see all of your sales, marketing, customer success activities by person and by account. You can trust the data is up to date and that each person subscribed to that data trusts what they are looking at. Now imagine how much your reporting is impacted by that nirvana. Hear from a panel of industry leaders who have tamed the three-headed dragon – data, systems, and process – and lived to share about their unified customer data journeys. 

MOPs Charades | Sept. 21, 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM PDT

(Using hands) 2 words, 1st word has 2 syllables, 2nd word has 2 syllables… it’s MOPs CHARADES with MarketingOps.com (formerly the MO Pros community)! Join in a game of charades led by MarketingOps.com’s fearless leader, Mike Rizzo. This will have you laughing hysterically…what better way to meet new people and network!

Take it to the Next Level – Ops Career Growth | Sept. 21, 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM PDT

Most Ops people who have been around for a while will tell you that they ended up in Ops because it fell in their laps. It was not intentional and it just happened. In this session, led by Eric Dreshfield, the group will discuss paths to take to grow your career in Ops as a practitioner, manager, and leader.

The Third Wave: Marketing Technology Innovation Towards 2030 | Sept. 21, 4:00 PM – 4:50 PM PDT

In this talk, Juan Mendoza will share research from TMW on what he calls “the third wave” of marketing technology which is the next movement of innovation in the industry. Juan will take us through what we learned through the 90s dot-com boom (the first wave), the late 2000s in SaaS boom (second wave) and how it will influence the 2020’s and 2030’s of Martech innovation. We will look at the intersection of privacy, artificial intelligence, advertising and the role of big tech in how it will shape what we work on into the future. The third wave is coming, are you ready for it?

Securing Budget: Fighting for Ops Headcount & Tech Spend (What Your Boss Wants to Hear) | Sept. 22, 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM PDT

Justifying budget and resources for RevOps is already an uphill battle. And with many businesses beginning to tighten their purse strings, it’s more critical than ever to fight for your piece of the pie.  In this presentation, we’ve asked our WizOps community to join us as we give an inside look into what your boss really wants to hear before unlocking budget. Learn how these expert Wizards – across Manager, Director and VP-levels – are getting the thumbs up for their RevOps needs.

The What and the How of Revenue Orchestration | Sept. 22, 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM PDT

With markets shifting and revenue at risk, taking action to future proof your business is critical. This means you should think about doing more with less. According to Forrester, when sales and marketing aligned people, process and technologies they reached 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability. Hear from leading RevOps experts about how you can future proof your business through operational alignment strategies.

Win a Tesla at OpsStars

The final must-see event of Ops Stars is the closing session, which features the OpsStars Awards and the announcement of the winner of the keys to LeanData Co-Founder and CEO Evan Liang’s Tesla! OpsStars attendees are entered to win each time they demo with a sponsor of the event…including Stack Moxie! The more demos you attend, the better your chances that you’ll walk away this year’s ultimate Ops Star.

Want to demo with Stack Moxie and be entered? Ops Stars registrants can fill out our demo request form to get in touch with our sales team—tell them Ops Stars brought you! Or, find us on LinkedIn and let us know if the comments so we can set up time.

Get ready for OpsStars 2022

All registered and ready to attend? Join the community and be part of the OpsStars Slack channel to get updates and find more folks who will also be at this can’t miss event. Follow OpsStars on LinkedIn and Twitter, and get ready for two days packed with fun and learning designed by and for the community.

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