Oh, the fun of silo’d teams

One of our customers told us about a new use case a couple of weeks ago – using our tool to let their cross functional teams test against Marketo Configurations.  And thinking of all the crap test data I’ve cleaned out of SFDC and Marketing automation instances, I’m not surprised this is a thing.

Please excuse my lame attempt at humor … I’m clearly no Tom Fishbourne, but I am a huge fan.A cartoon

Turns out, this was a real life thing.  A client, in a primarily distributed team, wound up making their MQL numbers from the various web developers doing testing.  Not that they did it on purpose.  I think I’m probably the only one devious enough to do that.   I have to admit, there have been times that a VP of Sales wanted “Massive increase in website visitors” and I’ve considered writing a quick bot …

But it does bring up a big challenge in what is going on with the Silo’s.  I was just pointed to this awesome (slightly old, but still relevant) article from Forbes – Your Martech Silos Are Slowly Killing Your Company.  (yes, before you comment, I know how ironic it is that the link in that article goes to nowhere). He suggests AI is the solve, I think that is a bit aggressive, but certainly a basic awareness of the silos and having some cohesive integration testing could be the solution.