Marketo RKOM: A Recap

I spent much of last week, with my team at Marketo RKOM getting connected to the Marketo LaunchPoint Partner network and many of the Marketo Account Managers. It was was my first glimpse into the Marketo world that I have heard so much about, and it was a great first experience. ​Steve Lucas was kind enough to pose with me in our Stack Moxie “Chi Chi’s Up” tee shirt (we didn’t give him enough time to let it sink in…)

Marketo Nation Summit
I must admit that initially I was worried about the announcement that the Marketo Nation Summit would be rolled up into the Adobe Summit and that we had only till March to prepare for this highly anticipated and attended conference. As we consider sponsoring the Summit, my team and I want to be sure we can deliver, not only all the items that will be required to fully participate in the event, but at the same time, stay true to our core values to delivery quality in such a short time span.

We were given assurances, by Sarah Kennedy Ellis (the Chief Marketing Officer of Marketo) herself, that Marketo Nation will be everything it has been in the past and more with the recent acquisition by Adobe. My team and I are extremely excited to see how Marketo will evolve under the Adobe brand.​

Women of Marketo
I was heartened to see such strong female leadership and representation at Marketo and highlighted at RKOM. I’m proud to be a part of Stack Moxie, a member of Women in Cloud, and a company that stands for true diversity in the workplace.

Marketo and the Importance of Partnership
The most inspirational point that I came away with is the strong commitment that the Adobe/Marketo leadership have expressed in the importance of the Marketo Partner ecosystem in achieving their beefy goals for 2019.

We here at Stack Moxie are up to the challenge in helping the Marketo AE’s create efficiencies to help them close more deals and scale both their customer’s business and their own. Thank you Marketo for making us a Certified Partner! We are with you 100%.


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