Great article on DevOps … and how MarketingOps can learn from our elders

There is so much talk about Marketing Operations – MOps or MarketingOps (or a thousand other abbreviations).  But I’m constantly surprised that Marketers want to blaze their own trail in creating Marketing Operations, rather than learning from our big brother, DevOps.

Last month, we had incredible attendance (ok, so my expectations are low …) at Eric’s 3 Operational Metrics webinar .  The webinar gets folks thinking about Operations as a discipline in addition to being a support function.  Thinking about operational metrics, like Latency, rather than using bastardized business metrics, like lead conversion.

So I thought I’d share some of the genesis stories about DevOps and how it came to be (spoiler alert – it sounds a lot like why we started MarketingOps …).  Here is one of my favorites from Matt Watson on the Stackify blog:  What is DevOps.

Matt writes ” I want my development team to kick butt and take names. Or perhaps, write code and ship it fast.  I want my team to take ownership.  I want everyone else to get the hell out of the way.”  I don’t know a single Demand Gen team worth their salt that doesn’t feel the same way.

Matt references a TechBeacon study on Agile and DevOps, and the motivation  for most organizations to transition to agile.  The primary reasons for adopting Agile and DevOps sure sound familiar.  Imagine replacing the question:  to reasons Marketing is deploying Agile Marketing and creating dedicated MOps functions:

Beliefs given regarding agile adoption and its results.

Tools are nice, but it is always best to start why and how.