The Reality of Marketing Automation Without Testing

How many times have you checked a marketing campaign to make sure that it’s functioning correctly? Has your heart skipped a beat before you run a nurture campaign? How about triple-checking that your lead scoring is set up flawlessly for a page on your website? These are things that so many marketing ops professionals stress about daily. Why put yourself through the agony of finding a solution to a problem that’s avoidable? 

So, You Didn’t Test It.

Without testing, there is a chance for failure, and sometimes you can’t take that chance. No matter the size of your company or team, manually testing a campaign flow is a time-consuming task that leaves room for human error. Whether it’s a corporation having to send an “oops” email or a month’s worth of leads not being engaged with, problems can arise when humans are involved. We’ve even slipped up before, but at least we learned from it and can teach you to embrace mistakes.

Marketing Operations Professionals that don’t test their programs or campaigns have the chance to create a domino effect throughout their company. When the end goal is to have a cost-effective campaign, failing to hand leads over to sales increases your CPL. Skipping one vital test could mean hours of putting out fires when you could be creating more valuable connections. Why not try spending your day doing what you want – creating a program that works without all of the added, untimely stress? 

When you’re juggling so many balls, it’s hard to take a step back and see a bigger picture. Are you more efficient or sloppy with your time by not testing your campaigns? Creating a program or campaign and running your own quality control can lead to things being overlooked. It’s human nature to look past things that we think are already correct. Setting up fake test emails isn’t enough anymore, and quite frankly, it’s a waste of your time. That’s time that you won’t get back trying to figure out why something is broken.

With so many resources available to answer why a campaign isn’t working, why do little things still slip through the cracks? Marketo, one of Stack Moxie’s partners, has an entire community page set up for people to get feedback on their campaign issues. What if we told you that you could skip asking entirely with automated testing? No more double-checking if your CTA button is linked correctly. No more worrying that your leads aren’t funneling into your CRM. No more late-night anxiety after realizing that a form is broken too little too late. Why leave your marketing up to chance when you can test anything, every time?

Why You Should Be Testing

Think of testing your marketing strategies as a fail-safe for your future self.  If you’re testing everything you build before you start it, you’ll know if anything could potentially go wrong. There won’t be missed leads, broken links, or miscommunications when things break. 

Many marketers and developers aren’t testing their work more than once before pushing it out. If it works once, why bother, right? What people don’t realize is that something as small as an adjustment to a line of code or a variable change in their CRM system can break everything. Automated testing is preventing the spread of one mistake to the collapse of a whole system. Though checking that everything is running correctly seems like a no-brainer, most sane people don’t want to go back to old campaigns and double-check that everything’s still working. That’s where technology comes in.

Blindly trusting that something will work is different than knowing that it’s working and will continue to work – until it doesn’t. A fantastic feature of Stack Moxie is that our software alerts you when something breaks so you can fix it in record time. It’s time to consider monitoring as the easiest marketing hack of 2021. 

Expectations of the Future

We’re all human, but your workflow doesn’t have to be. Using technology to your advantage (without knowing how to code) is the way of the future. Automating your testing and monitoring not only gives you the reassurance that you need from the moment you click go, but it continues to give you the peace of mind that it’s still working when you look away. Marketing of the future should be “set it and forget it” when it comes to building your content and trusting it will always work. There are still things to prioritize when setting up your automated testing, but that’s the easy part. Stop stressing about the “why” and start basking in the results of your hard work. 

Stack Moxie has the solutions you need to get ahead of the curve in your marketing programs and campaigns. With the power of automation, you can have it all in less time than you currently spend launching campaigns and putting out fires. Start your future today by scheduling a demo with us that could make your dreams into your reality.

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