Simplify Your SEO and Web Audits with Stack Moxie’s Sitemap Generator

simplify seo and web audits with Stack Moxie's sitemap generator

We’re pleased to introduce the Stack Moxie Sitemap Generator, a tool designed to enhance the productivity of marketing operations teams. This new feature is not just an addition; it’s a strategic asset to elevate your website’s performance.

Why Stack Moxie’s Sitemap Generator is Invaluable

Our sitemap generator is crafted to tackle the tedious and often overlooked task of maintaining an up-to-date sitemap, especially for websites with extensive pages and dynamic content. With this tool, you can automatically generate a comprehensive sitemap in a CSV format, containing URLs, titles, descriptions, and crucially, form IDs.

  • Ensure no page or form is left untracked for a complete overview of your site’s structure.
  • Simplify website and form change management so it’s easier to maintain and update your site.
  • Gain valuable insights for web content and SEO, a vital component for improving your site’s visibility and performance.
  • Unlock deeper insights and optimization opportunities for your forms.
  • Manage and revisit previously generated sitemaps to track changes and progress over time.

How to Use the Stack Moxie Sitemap Generator

1. Access: Find “Sitemap Generator” in the left-hand menu and click on it.

2. Input URL: Enter the URL of the website you wish to map and click “Generate”.

3. Crawling Process: Stack Moxie will crawl up to 10,000 linked sites, a process taking around 15-20 minutes. You can navigate away and wait for an email notification.

4. View Sitemap: On receiving the email, click “View Sitemap”.

5. Download: In the Historical Sitemaps tab, access your sitemap, click the three dots, and download your CSV file.

Use the Stack Moxie Sitemap Generator

Whether you’re optimizing your website, enhancing your SEO strategy, or ensuring every form is functioning as intended, our sitemap generator is here to revolutionize the way you manage your digital presence. Log into your Stack Moxie account now to pull your sitemap, or create a free account to get started.

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