Introducing Stack Moxie Notifications for Microsoft Teams

notifications for microsoft teams: feature release

Teams rely on messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams to communicate quickly and stay aligned. And for many people, especially on remote or hybrid teams, that’s where you go to get important updates, check notifications about initiatives you’re working on, and share information about priorities.

Stack Moxie makes it easy to quickly test and learn about how your tech stack and campaigns are working without the need to manually dig in and search for areas where problems are occurring. And now, to facilitate even easier error discovery, we’ve introduced Notifications for Microsoft Teams to bring the ease of automatic testing alerts to more organizations.

Stack Moxie also offers this functionality for Slack.

Go where the action is

Testing is a crucial part of launching campaigns with quality and building an organized tech stack that functions to its full potential. But adding an extra platform to the list of tools you already manage can be overwhelming and outweigh some of the benefits that come from robust testing and monitoring. 

That’s why we’re bringing the notifications to you, so you don’t need to leave the space you already work in or risk missing important alerts. Catch critical errors quickly and fix them sooner, so you minimize downtime and provide the best possible experience for your users. Notifications for Microsoft Teams makes it easy to integrate Stack Moxie into the workflows you already use, streamlining them and boosting your ability to prevent critical issues.

Prioritize directly on Teams

We also recently launched Notifications by Severity, a feature that allows you to decide how often you get notified about failed tests based on their priority level. This couples with Notifications for Microsoft Teams to let you set a cadence for when you’re alerted about tests on Teams, so you’re notified immediately when a major problem is detected while saving the more minor errors for daily or weekly roundups.

Keep your team aligned and know exactly what’s going on with your tech stack and campaigns where you already work. Same platform, infinitely more insights.

Tests on Teams with Stack Moxie

Stack Moxie aligns with your team and tech to help you do what you do better. Sign up for a free-for-life account to get 25 runs per month and see what end-to-end testing can do for your efforts. Or, talk to a project manager to get a customized look at how Stack Moxie fits into your workflows and makes your job easier.

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