Goodbye to Business Growing Pains: Introducing Stack Moxie’s Multiple Instances

Multiple Instances

As businesses grow and become part of larger organizations through organic growth and M&A, it can be challenging to manage multiple instances of MAPs and CRMs. This complexity can make decision making difficult and result in a frustrating experience for marketing teams.

Stack Moxie is proud to introduce Multiple Instances. This new feature addresses the challenges of a growing and divided tech stack by allowing users to connect to multiple instances of a platform and test across them. Determine what works and how it works, while ensuring that each instance is performing as expected. This works across MAPs and CRMs, providing a consistent brand experience and eliminating downtime and potential lost revenue.

Multiple instances for organic growth

As your organization expands, it’s natural for teams to segment into focused subdivisions. And when your team divides, your tech stack does too. Different instances are required to allow each team to have the control they need to manage their initiatives, and the overall marketing environment becomes more complex.

But no matter how large your team and how many instances they require, it’s critical that they all work together to make your organization’s overarching marketing landscape cohesive and unified. It can be difficult to achieve this without visibility into how each instance functions on its own, and how its data flows through the system and fits into the bigger marketing picture.

Stack Moxie’s Multiple Instances feature helps you scale with simplicity, so you can test and understand exactly where each instance is struggling and how its impacting your marketing efforts and outcomes. Get the information you need to clean up your tech stack and grow your team without sacrificing quality.

Multiple instances for M&A

When two companies are joined through M&A, it presents a new set of complications for both marketing teams to deal with during the transition. Merging marketing stacks and business processes can be as overwhelming as the merger itself, and create a complex environment that can be frustrating to manage.

For the marketing operations team of the company that is being acquired, it’s scary to imagine everything you’ve built being thrown away or combined with the acquiring company’s programs and breaking. It can be difficult to understand just how much impact there is before other teams notice and criticize something you’re still trying to wrap your head around.

And for the organizations that are acquiring a new company, taking on a new tech stack presents a major disruption for the primary team’s ongoing initiatives. Instead of focusing on building effective programs and stellar personalization, attention shifts to simply making sure that things are still getting out the door while everyone races to move into a new unified system.

 To deal with the demands of M&A, marketing teams need to be able to test across multiple instances of their tech platforms and figure out not only what works but how it works. They also need to be able to determine which aspects of the system are compatible with their current setup, which need to run separately and which need to be depreciated.

To help you do that, Stack Moxie now allows businesses to connect to multiple instances of a platform. This feature allows enterprise clients and those doing mergers and acquisitions to better manage their complex marketing environments. If you have a Salesforce instance for Europe, another for Asia and another for America, you can ensure that each instance is performing as expected. This works across your various MAPs and CRMs.

Grow with ease

A growing business doesn’t mean your customers’ experience needs to suffer. With Stack Moxie you can catch problematic systems before they affect your business, eliminating downtime and potentially lost revenue, while providing a consistent brand experience across all your marketing efforts.

This feature is available for all Stack Moxie accounts. New to Stack Moxie? Sign up for a free-for-life account today and start testing.

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