Delivering an Excellent Virtual Experience: Introducing GoToWebinar Integration Support

Webinars and other virtual events give you the opportunity to connect with prospects and customers from any distance, which is especially important in today’s hybrid virtual world. Webinar providers, like GoToWebinar, make hosting webinars easier than ever, but add an extra layer of complexity when it comes to ensuring that the integration is playing nicely with the rest of your tech stack.

In our latest feature release, Stack Moxie is proud to launch GoToWebinar integration support. Unlock new ways to make sure every part of the webinar hosting process with GoToWebinar is seamlessly integrated. Say hello to easy lead data mapping and goodbye to leaks in the process that impact customer experience.

Maintain quality with your GoToWebinar integration

Like any integration, using a third-party webinar provider means there are more places for something to go wrong. From making sure each lead who registers for the webinar actually gets the attendance information, to syncing the webinar provider’s page and your own native landing pages to maintain brand standards, there’s a lot to manage to ensure your registrants have an excellent experience.

Now, Stack Moxie has added GoToWebinar integration support to help you monitor each step of the process, starting from when a lead registers to attend. Validate that the connection between your webinar provider and your MAP or CRM is working properly, and create your own landing pages with your preferred platform while being sure that the data coming in through them is properly syncing back to GoToWebinar. Don’t miss out on leads who registered for the event but never received the proper followup information to attend.

Automatically test your GoTo connection (along with the ON24 connection we’ve had). With one click you can integrate GoToWebinar and be able to test it end to end. You can create a new webinar registration using your usual landing page, then check whether that member was successfully created in GoTo and if the proper login URL is in the MAP. Stack Moxie can even delete the synthetic data afterward to ensure your attendee stats are accurate.

Say hello to seamless webinar events

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