Expand Your Pardot QA with Stack Moxie Tests

Your Marketing Automation platform is central to your team’s ability to execute marketing campaigns successfully, so being aware of how it’s working and where failures are happening is critical to upholding the quality of your efforts. Stack Moxie helps users maintain order in their Pardot instance, and today, our Pardot integration is getting an upgrade.

We’re proud to announce the launch of a Pardot enhancement package that will help Pardot users unlock its full potential. These features were built to help boost the tests you’re already running with Stack Moxie, and include new starters to make setting up tests fast and simple.

Get the most out of Pardot

Pardot One-Click Integration

Use Salesforce authentication to connect to Pardot, making your connection management simpler than with using API keys.

Multiple Business Units

Connect to each of your Pardot Business Units and navigate to the new “Pardot” tab on the Stack Moxie admin page. For each of your tests that require a Pardot connection, you can easily specify which of your Business Units to take action on to easily segment your Pardot monitoring. Easily manage all of your Business Units if you’re running multiple brands, businesses, industries, or products, and monitor them from a single location.

New Starter: Pardot Checklist

Get a holistic overview of the health your Pardot Business Units. Easily view your organization at-a-glance and validate that primary configurations are set up as expected. The Pardot Checklist reviews SPF, Tracking Codes, Email Blacklist, IP Address, Tracker Domain Verification, and Pardot to SFDC Lead Mapping and SFDC Sync time if you also have a Salesforce connection.

Running this checklist on a weekly basis ensures that critical email and landing page tracking and configuration setup remain performing correctly.

New Starter: Custom Redirect Analysis

This starter validates that each of your Custom Redirects arrives at the required destination and leads to a valid page (goodbye 404s!). Running this starter on a regular basis empowers your team to continually verify that your links are working, and find out quickly when something breaks.

New Starter: Check Visitor Tracker

The Check Visitor Tracker starter gives you a precise evaluation of a specific landing page to determine whether it resolves via a tracker domain to the proper Business Unit. This starter teams up with the Pardot Checklist to ensure not only that your Tracker Domains are correctly configured, but also that they are set up correctly for any individual page. Confirm that your landing page tracker domains are working as expected.

Stack Moxie has also launched a pill version of this starter to allow you to navigate to a page, monitor the Pardot Tracker Domain, and filter based on specific metadata.

Do more with Pardot

Stack Moxie helps you test and monitor every part of your tech stack, saving you time and making it easier to ensure your entire team is keeping your database clean and your functions as simple as possible. Find these Pardot enhancements in your Stack Moxie account and implement them in the tests you’re already running today. New to Stack Moxie? Sign up for a free-for-life account and get started with taming your tech stack.