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Everyday, we all experience the product of bad decision in deliverabilty or customer experience.  Especially in email.   Oversending.  Bad targeting.  Mass emails.  Bullshit personalization. Spam.  Funny how good intentions actually lead to better deliverability.

98% of my career has been in B2B.   But I’ve loved the work Braze has done lately.  Especially a recent blog post by  Alison Gootee.    And I especially love this quick read post on some core tenants.

      1. Get permission – the honest way
      2. Set expectations, then meet them
      3. Let go of excess baggage by saying goodbye to unengaged contacts

Read more here. Any of the ugly decisions in bad email could be rectified if starting with her three tenants (so you don’t have to let “spam reports” and “unsubscribe” be the only barometer of success).


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