3 Reasons Marketing OPS Professional Should Test Everything They Build

Testing? Who has time for that? Not many marketers. That’s the unfortunate truth. With email campaigns, webinars, landing pages and advertising campaigns piling up, you’re probably testing one thing and moving on to the next to keep up with demand. It’s all fun and games until something breaks. Then you you need to contend with the proverbial evil-looking steampunk cat in the room and spend hours troubleshooting errors, fixing setups, corresponding with platform technical support, and giving updates to angry demand gen or sales departments. GOOD TIMES.

Let’s say you’re one of the lucky few who does have the time and resources for lead and campaign testing. It likely involves keeping track of robust and complex Excel spreadsheets that help you test everything from lead score attribution, lead distribution, data field continuity and multivariate testing information. Who doesn’t love giant excel spreadsheets that keep track of detail upon detail?

Lead and campaign testing might seem like that pesky fly that is buzzing around you at an otherwise pleasant picnic in the park, but you might be missing critical opportunities if you’re not doing it right.


Maximize ROI
You know what’s awesome? Knowing that money-making data is going to the right place. Testing everything you build ensures that leads are routed to the right queue, at the right time, with the right information. In addition, you know that leads are always delivered to sales on time to be followed-up on asap for the best response. Lead scores are assigned accurately and allow nurture and drip campaigns to trigger as they should.

When your marketing flow is working correctly, more opportunities and pipeline revenue are created. And when more opportunities are created, your boss is happy. And when you boss is happy, you get raises. We all like raises.

Cross-functional Team Harmonz
Did you know that you can automate lead and campaign testing with Atomatest by Stack Moxie? It’s a strangely foreign concept to many marketers in a world where you can have a pint of ice cream delivered to you on a street corner within a few hours at the touch of a button. When you automate testing, you can be notified as soon as any errors or issues arise so that you can fix them before they become large issues. True story. And what if I told you that you can control the narrative around any issues and broadcast when, and to whom, you need to. But heed my advice and don’t wait until sales comes to you to know there is an issue or you might find yourself hiding under your desk until a grumpy sales person leaves your cube. When there are fewer errors and issues, you will have a better working relationship with sales and demand generation departments.

Marketing Ops Run State
Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you are missing something important on your campaigns? Automating testing and monitoring also ensures it will be done, allowing your team to exercise first-class marketing operation integration practices. At Stack Moxie, we call this the “marketing operations run-state”. Pretty sexy name, eh? Marketing operations run-state is the baseline best practices setup for marketing operations tech stack integrations, campaigns and landing pages.

​Button up your marketing ops run state and you will have more time to do more A/B testing, allow time to be forward/growth oriented, focus on trying new platforms that will help your business grow (or frankly, use your current platforms to their full potential), and look at more cat memes.

Your department will be able to do more work with the same number of people which can open up all sorts of opportunities.


The bottom line is that you should be testing everything you build, and it is possible to automate all testing and monitoring with Atomatest, by Stack Moxie. Start testing today.


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