Navigating Marketo’s URL Changes with Form Regression Testing

As many of you are aware, Adobe is making changes to certain types of Marketo asset URLs, which will result in the breakage of legacy URLs for forms, images, and files starting on August 1, 2023. You can learn more about the changes here.

To avoid any adverse impacts on your lead flow, Stack Moxie is here to help you automate the regression testing of all your forms across your website and landing pages. With a click of a button you can validate form submissions and lead journeys, safeguarding every valuable lead.

Understanding Form Regression Testing

Form regression testing is an essential aspect of the marketing operations process. It involves retesting all forms across your website and landing pages to ensure that any recent changes, updates, or bug fixes have not negatively impacted its performance or introduced new defects. There are several reasons why form regression testing is important:

  1. Detecting Defects: Website or system changes can inadvertently introduce new bugs or issues with your form submissions. By conducting quarterly form regression testing, you can identify these issues early on and prevent them from impacting visitors to your website. 
  2. Stability and Reliability: Regression testing helps maintain the stability and reliability of your form processes. It ensures that lead journey’s and form standardizations are meeting expectations and aligning across your stack. Easily identify which forms are not meeting process and data standardization. 
  3. Confidence in Releases: Before deploying new versions or updates to production, form regression testing instills confidence in the development team and stakeholders. It provides evidence that the changes have been thoroughly examined and are less likely to cause issues for end-users.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness:  Broken forms and processes cause lost opportunities and can impact attribution. Ensuring all forms follow a consistent process and uphold data quality gives confidence that you have data integrity across your systems. 

Form regression testing is crucial for ensuring the ongoing reliability, quality, and performance of forms, data standardization, and lead journeys. By incorporating this testing practice into your Marketing Operations Best Practices, teams can deliver more robust and stable marketing operations while minimizing the risk of unexpected issues arising from changes or updates.

Secure Your Lead Flow with Automated Form Regression Testing From Stack Moxie

The upcoming changes to Adobe’s Marketo asset URLs are a reminder of the dynamic nature of marketing technologies and the need to adapt proactively. Fortify your marketing operations with Stack Moxie’s automated form regression testing and ensure the continuity of your lead generation efforts and maintain confidence in your marketing systems. Talk to our team to learn more about how Stack Moxie can safeguard your lead flow.