Agile Continuous Learning for Marketing Operations

An important element in a marketing team’s journey to becoming agile is adopting a culture of continuous learning.  This learning needs to come not only from the team’s successes, but more importantly, from its failures.

When customers on our platform discover issues in their marketing technology stacks, all too often, we hear embarrassment about the problems they uncovered.

“How could I have missed that?”

This embarrassment is often a symptom of a team culture that punishes mistakes, rather than embracing and learning from them.

So, in the spirit of transparency, and to encourage more marketing operations professionals to embrace a culture of continuous learning, we are publishing our postmortem from a recent incident in our own MarTech stack.  We’ve documented what happened, why, and how we fixed it so that future teammates can learn from our past mistakes.

Duplicate this template (inspired by Google’s internal process for learning from incidents) as a way to kickstart your organization’s cultural transformation.

Use our own postmortem from a real incident as your guide on how to fill it out.