Automated Pardot Data Testing – Are you testing your Pardot data? 

Build endless testing scenarios to ensure that data is behaving exactly as expected.

Managing and nurturing prospects well in Pardot can lead to complex rule structures. If not perfectly set up for each variation, critical revenue generating information and activity can get lost or ruined. 

It’s impossible to keep track of it all. You use automation to manage your leads, why wouldn’t you leverage automation to help you discover issues in the endless maze of data flow? 

Stack Moxie saves you testing time and aggravation by making it easy to set up testing for almost every scenario you can dream up in Pardot. Build single, one-off tests that don’t leave junk data behind, or create ongoing tests that will give you valuable performance data. 

Let us help Pardot work for you, not against you.

Feature Benefits

  • Ensure that every element of your Pardot campaigns are firing data to the right place
  • Monitor connection to key integrations from one place
  • Get at-a-glance understanding of whether a flow is doing what it should
  • Receive live alerts to your email inbox when things don’t perform as planned

Pardot Testing Features

  • Test forms and form handlers
  • Test studio programs
  • Test automation rules
  • Test landing pages
  • Test prospect data
  • Test cookies

Make sure your Pardot data is getting to its destination. 

Stack Moxie can give you the confidence that your data is doing exactly what it needs to be.