Time-Saving Templates for Fail-Proof Testing

Put your complex and customized testing framework into the hands of any team…
with the push of a button.

New Feature: Templates

Testing can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. A successful test requires users to know the “what” and “why” to look for. If you’re trying to test a form, what fields do you want to include? Where is the form’s data being pushed? Is it correctly copying all information into your CRM? 

Failures can be avoided with testing automation. Campaign monitoring guarantees that your future landing pages and programs will continue to operate how they were initially designed. By limiting the possibility of human error, you create a user-friendly environment to set up tests with confidence.

The Need for Personalized Templates

Our app’s preconfigured scenarios are perfect for preventing the most common campaign failures. They are clearly defined and easy to use, even for junior marketers. These scenarios are great for getting things up and running but aren’t personalized approaches tailored to your organization’s marketing configuration. 

Setting up tests might feel overwhelming for some, but our automation process makes testing and monitoring a breeze for anyone. Stack Moxie gives users the ability to customize tests to fit their needs without advanced knowledge of how or what needs to be monitored. Analytics and Marketing Operations teams can build requirements into a Stack Moxie Template, so field and campaign teams execute complete and complex testing. Templates allow your team to move quickly and only change the necessary field values in a no-code setting. With templates, you build once and pass it along to other colleagues to use in the future.

With marketing template implementation, you harness power over your programs without the fear of broken content. Your tech stack is complex, and as critical as each platform is for your marketing efforts, ensuring that they work together cohesively is the difference between a successful campaign and a #moopsie email. You can create one test and iterate endlessly—no more worrying that a particular test is missing a system check that your others had. Rest assured that each time you launch a new campaign, you’re using a tried and true method to catch errors quickly and can monitor consistency over time.

It’s Time for Fail-Proof Testing

Every company has unique requirements that are specific to its technology implementation, so any testing framework has to be set up to meet those exact needs. Leaving test implementation up to someone who isn’t familiar with test creation introduces the opportunity for errors that impact how well you’re monitoring campaigns and events. For someone without an intermediate understanding of testing, the setup could feel complicated. Templates take the guesswork out of campaign monitoring, allowing even a testing neophyte to deploy a framework that will successfully track whatever you have, from a simple LinkedIn post to a complex multi-platform webinar and direct mail campaign. What would have taken considerable marketing quality assurance (QA) time, potential room for error, and cross-department coordination is now achievable by anyone in just a few clicks. It’s the perfect marketing quality assurance checklist!


Who Takes Advantage of Templates & Testing?

Take one thing off your to-do list and use Stack Moxie’s new templates to build once and test infinitely. Fail-proof testing allows anyone launching a campaign to achieve their goals. No matter how complex your testing framework needs to be, your template launch will save time and prevent fire drills through the simplified process. And most importantly, monitoring with templates means you can unlock the power of your integrated systems, a win for your entire revenue chain.

With marketing testing templates, it’s one and done, and individuals across teams can use them for what they need:

  • Field and Campaign Marketers can quickly get monitoring off the ground for each event and campaign they organize, without hassle.
  • Marketing Ops can eliminate the possibility of human error and empower teams to test independently, cutting down on repetitive work for all.
  • Sales Ops knows that strategic changes to critical business processes have no unintended consequences. 
  • RevOps can ensure they get the relevant data needed to understand what’s impacting the business.

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