Product Integrations

Connecting Stack Moxie to your existing tech stack unlocks specially created Starter Scenarios for that Integration. Get started quickly with our purpose-built starters, or create your own scenario tests using steps from integrated connections.

Stack Moxie’s Most Popular Integrations

Marketing Automation and CRM Platforms

Stack Moxie Integrates with Marketo An Adobe Company
Stack Moxie Integrates with Salesforce
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrates with Stack Moxie
Outreach & Stack Moxie
Stack Moxie Integrates with Salesforce
leandata & Stack Moxie
SalesLoft & Stack Moxie
Outreach & Stack Moxie
leandata & Stack Moxie

Landing Page Platforms

Instead of manually QAing landing pages with the potential to miss edge cases, use the robots to monitor them automatically. With Stack Moxie, you can see what’s happening throughout the entire funnel, from ensuring the page and form behave as expected to watching that leads are properly synced to your MAP and CRM. And if, for any reason, they fail to sync, we will alert you right away. Get started with a free account today.

instapage landing page QA
leadpages landing page QA
unbounce landing page QA

Webinar Platforms

Anytime you introduce a new tool you introduce a place where data can get lost or processes to break. With the Stack Moxie Robots you never have to worry if a lead who registers for the webinar actually gets the attendance information or synced to your MAP and CRM. 

Stack Moxie Integrates with Salesforce

Stack Moxie has two types of integrations – standard and custom. We prioritize the development of new integrations based on customer needs. New integrations and new functionality for existing integrations are being developed daily.

Standard Integrations:  The most common and most often tested are available in the free subscription tier.  Most connection integrations use one-click OATH protocol. Some integrations may require additional configuration. Step-by-step setup documentation is available in the help docs section.  Priority for developing Standard Integrations and features per integration is prioritized by Customer request and limited by the API of the software.  

Custom Integrations: These can either be developed by Stack Moxie in conjunction with a paid pilot, or developed by the open source community on Crank