Discovering lead routing issues with automated testing

INDSUTRY: Data Processing  | PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Stack Moxie Automated Testing 
The customer’s product is an agile platform headquartered in San Francisco, that helps address the entire data lifecycle, including ingestion, preparation, exploration and consumption. Their product enables analysts to create and manage their own analytic data pipelines to drive faster, trusted data-driven insights. 

THEIR TEAM: Their lean marketing organization consists of a few marketing generalists supporting the sales team. 

The MOPS Challenges

  • Undocumented processes
  • Poor platform integrations
  • No web page validation procedures
  • Manual testing across multiple platforms
  • Relying on slow notifications from Salesforce + Marketo
  • Rip, Replace Platform with no regression test
The team managing the marketing stack went through a period of organizational change. Because the turn over in both team members, leadership of the marketing operations process (moving from marketing leadership to a revenue ops team) the technology stack had been through frequent “rip-and-replace”-type de-installations of revops platforms. As a result, the new team inherited both challenges and limited documentation on the current process.


One of the biggest challenges was that prospect who completed both demo request and contact us forms were not reaching the sales team and general customer communication wasn’t being captured by intended platforms. The lack of alignment impacted the relationship between sales and marketing. It wasn’t until the operations team heard from the reps in the field that the trial requests, demo requests, and inbound leads from forms on the website weren’t ending up in the sales queue.

“We didn’t know where in the marketing infrastructure to look for our leads first.”

Sara Wright

Global Sales Enablement Manager

How Stack Moxie found 2,000 leads

Stack Moxie tackled the core challenge they were trying to solve: troubleshoot lead routing from the marketing automation system to the CRM. Not only was the Stack Moxie team able to help identify why leads weren’t being passed on, but they also able to create a best practice for systemic routing, so trial requests and demo requests (their hottest leads) weren’t getting lost.

After rolling out Stack Moxie, over 2,000 leads were recovered and properly routed to reps across the organization. Those new leads helped re-invigorate the pipeline.

“We were working with the Stack Moxie for only two months, and because they helped us identify the trial, demo and contact form leads that were never passed on to sales reps, some of those leads are now in our active pipeline.

That’s an awesome impact to the business.”

Sara Wright

Global Sales Enablement Manager

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