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Slack Integration Overview

Integrate Stack Moxie notifications in Slack workflows

Broadcast any test to Slack. Let the team know when failures occur so the right people can collaborate on how to resolve them.

Allow the broader team to learn about outages asynchronously without needing to send the core team status tickets and emails.

Public run logs allow you to share with partners and agencies without needing login access.


  1. Click the Share Run Log button.
  2. Click the Broadcast in Slack Channel #moxified
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3. Your public run log will post a notification to slack.


Stay in sync as a team even in complex global organizations.

  • Every team member has real-time information
  • Asynchronous collaboration solves challenges faster
  • Notify the broader team so non-technical teams understand the outage
  • Eliminate the barrage of emails and tickets when systems degrade
  • Public run logs let you share further to agencies and partners