Case Study: Knak uses Stack Moxie

Summary of results

With an always-on QA and Monitoring platform, the Knak team has found that Stack Moxie can give their entire Sales and Marketing team more time to focus on driving revenue. Even when the best and brightest build integrations between critical business systems, they know that manual data entry, new campaigns, and turnover or growth can introduce significant breaking points in the tech stack. That’s why Knak uses Stack Moxie to achieve operational excellence, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Next steps

Soon, the team will focus on implementing monitoring for privacy compliance (GDRP) so they can have the confidence their marketing programs and website will honor the applicable laws. They’ll start with monitoring for active tracking pixels and eventually move to robust monitoring for different regions and countries where they plan to do business.

Their team also plans to spend time building out a more robust monitoring program for their lead scoring models and will soon introduce the use of Stack Moxie’s spreadsheet triggers with the goal of providing automated QA to the Demand Generation team – thereby freeing more time for Campaign Ops to build more campaigns and move more quickly.

Nick Donaldson, head of marketing at Knak

Stack Moxie = Your Best Friend!

Company Details

  • Name: Knak
  • Size: 51-200 Employees
  • Industry: Software
  • Team: Marketing Ops

Tech Stack