Case Study: ConnectWise Uses Stack Moxie

Summary of results

“It’s really simple from an ROI perspective,” says Rick Collins of ConnectWise. “When [prospects] interact with us it’s typically through our website or some sort of marketing-generated action. If they have a poor experience, that’s quickly a lost opportunity – and that lost opportunity has a value to it.”

The operational excellence of the ConnectWise team has improved and they no longer feel like they are chasing after issues ore being reactive to a “new fire” they need to put out. ConnectWise uses Stack Moxie to get out in front of issues and address the concerns or problems well before anyone other team members or prospects can discover a problem. This peace of mind has given the Marketing Ops team the freedom to confidently build and launch new programs.

Next steps

  • Test and Monitor the implementation of Ceros, Metadata, and On24
  • GDPR Monitoring and Testing

This is how marketing operations achieves efficiency gains

Company Details

  • Name: Knak
  • Size: 51-200 Employees
  • Industry: Software
  • Team: Marketing Ops

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