Web Dev Testing

They didn't mean to do it ... we promise

SalesOps didn’t mean to break the forms with the new SFDC forms update.  The web team didn’t mean to take the tag manager (and lead scoring) off line for two weeks.  It is just too hard to know everything that might go wrong in someone else’s tool (and who has time to test all that manually?).

The growth of Marketing Automation, CRM and the complexity of web sites has created silos.  And those overworked silos almost never have time to (over)work together, even though every project is laced with interdependency.  Atomatest makes working apart but together just a little bit easier.

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Automated testing with scenarios defined by marketing or sales ops will help everyone be more agile, and sleep better at night.

  • Your distributed teams won’t need access to your marketing automation or sales platforms.  They can test everything in our testing tool with unlimited users.
  •  Our tool automatically deletes test data, so no more bad data or bungled conversion metrics from test data.
  • You are notified when a test fails with detailed logging, so you can quickly identify the date and cause and alert the necessary teams
  • No more documentation (no one reads it anyway).  With automated testing, all of the set requirements and implications are spelled out in a usable format.

Here are some of the most common error situations:

Tag manager  was deployed incorrectly, or relaunched and munchkin not firing

Hidden form data populated by web code that can keep routing criteria from being met

New pages or templates are  deployed – is everything still working?

Dev teams require automated testing tools that integrate into their stack (we do!), but testing scenarios defined by marketing or sales operations.