launching mission-critical campaign operations

Launching Mission-Critical Campaign Operations

Getting a new marketing campaign from ideation to launch has only become more complicated as tech stacks expand and pieces are added to the process.

There are plenty of places for things to go wrong, and as marketers, it falls on the Marketing Ops team to work in these complex spaces to provide continuity to each campaign and polish it for release.

When all eyes are on your team’s marketing output, it is critical to find ways to execute and deliver with quality for an audience that can tell when something is working (or not).

Adam New-Waterson, Chief Marketing Officer at Stack Moxie and career-long Marketing Ops nerd, is walking you through his strategies and workflows for helping campaigns run smoothly. He presents his process for making sure webinars (or any type of campaign) are deployed in a way that prioritizes QAing and organization, giving your team a better final product and useful data.

Clean Up Your Campaign Operations with Stack Moxie

Stack Moxie was created to help your Marketing and Sales Ops teams monitor the numerous processes that take place across your Sales and Marketing tech stack. Take control of the business-critical functions that your platforms are responsible for and validate that everything is working as expected without damaging your revenue potential or reputation for excellence. Launch campaigns faster and with more success by letting the Stack Moxie robots automatically confirm that your team and technologies are ready and able to deliver the high-quality results that will help your organization thrive. And monitor campaign phases to ensure everything is working as expected.

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