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Analytics Teams

Like it or not, your website is constantly changing. New pages are added, URLs are changed, web hosts are changed, and on and on. How do you make sure none of those changes break your analytics or marketing tags? Our robots can help.

Monitor Your Tags 24/7


Waking up to an empty dashboard thanks to broken tags is a terrible feeling. It’s impossible to stay on top of every possible change that could lead to a broken site, especially since many of them are totally out of your control.

But with Stack Moxie, you don’t have to check your tags manually. Our robots will constantly—and we mean constantly (down to the minute, if you want)— monitor each and every tag you place.

Automated Testing without Code


Don’t worry! You won’t need an SDET to take advantage of the power of Stack Moxie.

We make testing your tags as easy as clicking a few buttons. Just select what you need from a dropdown menu, and you’ll never have to worry about broken tags again.


Be Ready for Anything


There are so many things that can go wrong, but you only need to do one thing to protect your tags. Put our robots to work.

Whether it’s page code errors, website structure updates, a slow-loading element, or even an improperly installed tag, Stack Moxie will let you know as soon as there’s an issue with one of your tags. And let’s face it. There will be.

But that’s OK! With Stack Moxie, you’ll be able to fix it before it becomes a problem.

"I rarely find something obvious wrong. I've never found something intentionally wrong. But I almost always find something big that is mishandling data or violating a policy."

– Ariel Sasso, Customer Success Lead, Stack Moxie

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