Solving the Last Mile Problem in AI

Most business systems users of AI won’t have a data science team, train their own model or even create sophisticated embeddings to manage their enterprise prompts.  For most, an LLM is just a third party tool in their technology stack.

The last mile is where your system meets third party AI.  The last mile is where everything breaks today, and tomorrow, it will break at the speed and complexity of AI.

Who cares how great the response was, if the system answered your customer 7 minutes after they abandoned the chat?  Who cares if the LLM was spot-on, if its response was based on the first 50 characters of your FAQ.    

AI to watch your AI

Today, Stack Moxie is known for a behavioral driven framework for testing complex tools across the entire sales, marketing and customer success infrastructure. By combining our revolutionary ability to create and validate synthetic data, and our ability to observe real-time interactions against a source of truth, Stack Moxie is now able to monitor AI engagements as well.

Observability in Context

Stack Moxie is already integrated with every tool in the enterprise Revenue Infrastructure. Those integrations and the data sources are the source of truth for AI recommendations or conversations. As a result, Stack Moxie can monitor engagements to find when systems are hallucinating, drifting or just off brand.

Synthetic Data & Objective Truth

In order to launch and test new systems, Synthetic Data – think fake data or test data – is needed to test and validate as many potential scenarios as possible. For more than 6 years, Stack Moxie has focused on building scenarios, synthetic data and easy monitoring. Now we are developing and launching with beta users to make AI easier to validate against a new model, a new prompt against an old prompt, or keep your system up and running when your third party LLM pushes an update.

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