Website Migration Guide

Fix Your Website BEFORE It Breaks

Site migrations can be risky business. Whether your migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, from one server to another, or anything else, we’ve got you covered with a detailed checklist and a guide to 10+ tests you need to make sure you don’t lose traffic or revenue!

Website Migration Checklist

This checklist covers over 25 crucial elements of your website that need to be checked and double-checked before you re-launch your website after a migration.

Website Migration Testing Guide

How do you know everything is working as it should be? Testing, testing, and more testing! This guide covers 10+ tests you need to perform to make sure you website migration went smoothly.

Why Are You Migrating?

There are lots of reasons, but none of them include tanking your traffic, reducing revenue, or losing leads. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what can happen when migrations don’t go according to plan.

Before you make a mistake that affects your bottom line, download our free Website Migration Checklist below. That way you’ll know that you’ve got everything covered.

Website Migration Checklist

Download Your Checklist

This one-page checklist can serve as an interactive blueprint for a site move of any type.

Did it Work?

Website migrations require a lot of upfront attention. You have to make sure you’re prepared before the launch, and then you have to make sure everything went according to plan. If you’re not careful, you may go weeks without realizing a key landing page is down or a conversion tag isn’t firing.

To help you figure out what went wrong before it becomes a problem, we’ve created a Website Migration Testing Guide that you can download below. That way you’ll know that your website is still functioning the way it should after a migration.

Download Your Guide

Use this guide to verify that your website migration went according to plan.

Website Migration Guide

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