How TrackVia Streamlined Their Website Migration Process with Stack Moxie


With Stack Moxie, every cross-functional team was able to give their sign-off […] in advance.  We were able to launch as soon as the website was ready, and demonstrate uptime and zero-impact across our company.

About TrackVia

TrackVia is a venture-backed, fast growing SaaS provider. Their no-code app builder streamlines and automates any business process to better collect, integrate, track, report, and utilize data. TrackVia has an agile, lean marketing organization, led by Thomas Gallagher, with a focus on customer and Demand Generation.


TrackVia’s website is their primary conversion channel for marketing. The site is the convergence point between marketing, SEO, analytics, compliance, product and sales technologies. However, they wanted to make some upgrades to the look and feel along with site function. The design and migration project for the website was managed by a remote, primarily outsourced team.


If the migration team missed or broke an integration to any of the tools that provided insight to the marketing team, the customer and prospect experience would be impacted. With the importance of the website, that would quickly impact the bottom line.


A remote, outsourced team

High potential for broken integrations and tools

Errors that could quickly hurt the bottom line

How Stack Moxie Met the Challenge

The TrackVia team intimately identified their primary goal – modernizing the website – and charted a course that outlined the specific implications and steps to reach that goal. However, the specifics of their secondary goal – making sure the website migration doesn’t break anything that served their customer and prospect experience – was much harder to scope.

In the four weeks leading up to the migration, TrackVia met with Stack Moxie for just one hour each week. Through those meetings and industry best practices, Stack Moxie defined the testing scenarios for every tool with a website dependency. Each technology that could be impacted had functional priorities outlined, and built into testing scenarios. Because testing was implemented in advance, the vendors and team members didn’t need to work late nights for an after hours launch.

When the website launched, Stack Moxie deployed automated scenarios that previously would have taken more than 40 hours of manual testing. In the four hours after the deployment, TrackVia discovered and resolved four critical errors. 


Because of the limitations of TrackVia’s small team, those errors would have likely affected prospects for weeks before being detected.



Hours Saved





How long did it take to test the entire site?

Only 2 hours!

See What Stack Moxie Can Do For You

Stack Moxie is the only no-code platform for automated testing of every tool in your martech stack. With Stack Moxie you can answer questions like:

  • When you replace a tool, what impact will it have on your other campaign or configuration flows?
  • What is the average time for a lead to submit a form, receive data augmentation, and land in the queue of the right salesperson?
  • What is the average uptime of your top 10 landing pages and forms?

And of course, like TrackVia, you can immediately discover whether problems occur during your website migration.

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